Introducing CAAB Chats

Chat Ever wished you could be a fly on the wall when behaviorists get together and talk shop?

Wonder what they think of the latest research, the most current behavior modification or training protocol, or how they educate clients who’ve been exposed to too much behavior nonsense on the web and on TV?

Have you been frustrated by hearing conflicting information about the "why’s" of pet behavior or the best protocols for problem resolution, and put off by rigid "dos" and "don’ts" that sometimes seem illogical?

Would you like to hear interpretations of the latest research so you can be aware of any design or statistical flaws, so you know what the findings might mean for you and what you do daily?

Do you enjoy well moderated panel discussions at conferences where you are treated to hearing different points of views expressed rationally, with participants being polite and respecting each other’s view points?

Your "wish list" now exists! Introducing CAAB Chats.

We’ve prevailed upon our fellow CAAB friends and colleagues to help us offer CAAB Chats. We’ll invite a variety of CAABs to talk informally with us about hot topics important to the behavior and training field – while you get the chance to listen in to these "behind the scenes" types of conversations and have the chance to ask questions.

Each chat will be planned around 3-5 talking points or questions, but chats are flexible, with the direction of the conversation influenced by questions that are asked from live listeners and whatever "hot button" gets pushed for individual CAABs on the chat.

And the best part is that you can attend each LIVE CAAB Chat for FREE! Chats will be scheduled at least once a month, sometimes more depending on schedules and demand. If you can’t attend live, you can pre-purchase the recorded replay of each 60-75 minute chat for a mere $9 – the price of a Starbucks for you and a friend. Replays go to $18 the day after each Chat.

Subscribe to our Chat Notification list so you’ll know the time for the next chat well in advance with plenty of time to schedule your live attendance OR pre-purchase the replay.

Members of Behavior Education Network get access to ALL CAAB Chat replays as a member benefit. So joining BEN for $25/month is really your best option. Membership includes monthly Pro webinar classes, weekly Biscuits (tips and information that have become a member favorite), a private Facebook group that members tell us they rely on more and more for feedback and support (a comment today from Kelli "Love this group!"). links to and analyses of timely research articles, product discounts and much more!

Whichever option you choose, we personally invite you to the inaugural CAAB Chat featuring Dr. Patricia McConnell and Dr. Michele Wan, chatting with us on "Questions, Controversies and Considerations in Canine Visual Communication". Read about the talking points at


Click HERE to get on our Chat Notification List, or here to sign up for the live chat.



DISCLAIMER: CAAB Chats are a product of Animal Behavior Associates, Inc. and are not endorsed by the Animal Behavior Society.  Views expressed by participating CAABs and ACAABs are their own, and do not represent the positions of ABA, Inc. or the Animal Behavior Society.


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